Here at Apnèa, we are motivated to do our part. In doing so, we want to honour our oceans and mother nature, through educating and encouraging our customers to to be conscious consumers. To be aware of our decision making and the impact it has on the environment. We choose REPREVE to repurpose and recycle our waste.
Repreve transforms recycled bottles into a fiber, utilised by the world's leading brands to develop athletic and fashion apparel. The process embeds properties like adaptive warming and cooling, wicking, water repellency and more. In doing so, Repreve produce reliable and durable quality for all products. Repreve is the world's leading recycled fiber, made for the good of tomorrow. 
At Apnèa we believe that sustainability does not need to compromise comfort, luxury or aesthetic. We are motivated to produce apparel that keeps up with your active lifestyle and maintains the integrity of the sustainable movement. Our apparel is made from 92% recycled polyester (Repreve) and 8% Spandex, this prefect blend of fibers and 4 way stretch design allows for comfort and flexibility.
Sustainability doesn't stop at our apparel, we carry the integrity of the sustainable movement across all facets of our business. Including our printing, packaging and postage. Earth friendly, biodegradable and compostable. 
Apnéa is here for a sustainable future.